4D Apps Making A Revolution In Education System Making Easier To Learn For Kids

Nowadays many apps in store with 4d live technology which started  a huge revolution mainly in education with kids. Teachers showing the 4d animal projection to the children. So, they could easily understand about the lessons like anatomy of human body to dinosaur projection.

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Octagon Studio

It is a leading multimedia company specializing in producing and delivering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions and products for mobile and wearable devices. They created an application called Animal 4d+ it gives life to many animals in 4 dimension. And ,also aim to create enjoyment and spark the love of learning, especially in children since a young age, with our engaging contents.

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The animals are projected into 4d when the pictures in the cards are recognized by the application in our smartphone.

4D Live  Screen shots

4d live apps

Screen shot of Animal 4d+ application While a elephant eating grass.

4d live apps


You can buy the Animal 4d+ Alphabet Cards in Octagon Studio

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