About Us

About Us

                                       We have a variety of content from technology to the history. In between there are fashion, health, funny trending news and many more. We are in the way of delivering the high quality content to the users around the world. Know more about us by surfing in our site and you might understand by yourself.

                                       And targeting the fans from all over the world. Delivering them the best result of content comparing other websites. First, the website is started as a science website. But, due some poor response from the audience. We can’t continue the site and can’t standing in the field. So we moved on to the entertainment field. But, still we have a technology category to fulfill our desire. This category have some gadget and new technology and applied science. The main motto for us to know about the people thoughts in their mind. Because, the people change their mood and also the circumstances around them like their environment may change it. If they are in holiday planning for vacation users can scroll through nature category and will find their destinations. Finally, we have covered all the needs of user from tour to facts. 

                                       Post your thoughts are the section mainly created for the users to express their thoughts. After, created this section we have received many comments. This post page made a change in our site, where users can express their thoughts by letters and also they can add pictures. People also posting their own stories and their favorite stories about their friends. Then, we consider that post and verify the content of the post. After, checking the post adding some unfilled gaps are filled by us. We always welcome the users and feel free to ask any queries from us. Your answer will be proceeded to you in few hours.


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