10 Best Libraries In The World With Great Architecture And Design.

Best Libraries In The World

                                                  The libraries are built to store the books and leave it to people for the books. But, some best libraries in the world only functions for the visitors. Even though, they have millions of rare and oldest books, people are not attracted for it. These libraries are built centuries ago so, the visitors coming to see only the architecture and designs of the building. 

St. Gallen, Switzerland

st. gallen library junkthoughts dot com

It was built in 19th century with Baroque Style. It has more than 150000 documents, also a world heritage site by UNESCO. 

Library of Celsus, Turkey

It was built in 117 AD at Turkey. Romans invaded those places and the library was full destroyed.

Stuttgart Library, Germany

It is also one of the modern architectural libraries in the world. The brilliant lighting design open floor tops attracts a huge people.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

best libraries in the world

While, this library is way unique design and excellent architecture. It is multi decked inside and outside of the building is quit different.

Library Of Congress, USA

The library is in Washington D.C of America. It was established on 1800, say 217 years ago. 

Picture Book Museum, Japan


best libraries in the world

The library located in the city of Iwaki, and was designed by a Japanese architect in 2005. And,It only contains the children books. It is also one of the few wooden libraries with modern architecture.

Riverside Library, China

best libraries in the world

Library of University Birmingham

University of Birmingham best libraries in the world

Bishan Public Library, Singapore

บรรณารักษ์พาเที่ยวห้องสมุดในสิงคโปร์ : Bishan Public library singapore best libraries in the world

Cooroy Library, Australia

Cooroy Library and Digital Information Hub in Queensland best libraries in the world

Hence, the 10 best libraries in the world finishes with many disappointments. Because, there are more and more architectural buildings around the world. Even from the old carving design to modern designs. So, will be trying to post another countdown of architectural libraries. But, some people may say above are not cool design, So those people search images about those libraries in the Internet.

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