Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry Music Video Is Awesome Party

Sorry Not Sorry

                                                  Demi Lovato released her music video of sorry not on youtube. The music video after the eleven hours of upload it got 5 million views on youtube. She added the music video on her youtube channel DemiLovatoVEVO . And also it is the number for on trending according to this post time.

                                                  The music video is fully about a party at night on a mansion. A jaguar super car is shown repeatedly in the video. While some boys kissing among them. Hence, the party is just playful and shown about the enjoyment of people. It portrays that a party held on June 29 th. 

                                                  Further more,  even the party of Demi is awesome some people started selling gift cards in the comment box are something common and weird.

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