The Disaster Artist The Most Funniest Teaser Ever In Hollywood Is Amazing

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                                    The name itself says the actor is the disaster in this movie. The movie is fully a comedy drama film. The story about the behind he scenes of  Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 cult film The Room. Starring James Franco and Dave Franco in the lead roles. The film also directed by James Franco and also on of the producers of five. Behind the scenes is always a funnier and interesting thing for watching. Because, how the actors acting and the technologies they used for filming. Reality in acting with green screens are totally awful in teaser and curious on it.

                                  The music for disaster artist movie is composed by Dave Porter who also composed for NBC’s crime thriller The Blacklist. James Franco has totally changed for the film grown his hair and can’t identifiable. The film will be distributed around the world by Warner Bro’s Pictures. The film yet to be released on december 1 2017. Rotten Tomatoes have given the rating of 92% for the movie Disaster Artist. And also the Metacritic ratings says it got 80 out of 100. Hence, notable thing in this movie is James Franco nominated for Oscar for his work in 127 hours.

Disaster Artist s

                                    The bomb shell Kate Upton also starred in this movie in a small role. About 31 artists are displayed in the wikipedia having roles in the movie.

The Disaster Artist Teaser Poster junk thoughts dot com

                                                                                   Finally, this is the teaser poster of Disaster Artist.


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