Most Expensive Toys Made Fidget Spinner Costs About $17000

Expensive Toys

                                  Caviar, a Russian jewelry designer, has designed and produced the world’s most expensive toys fidget spinner that costs about 1 million Russian rubles, or roughly 17 thousand dollars. This spinning gadget is made with pure gold, no other any metal is used. Caviar’s says, “This modern, original and ingeniously simple accessory in your hands.

                                   It will attract attention and will tell others about your ironic view of life, your calm and wisdom. With which you take the most important decisions, easily, as if spinning the spinner in his hand. In addition, it is a great gift option, impressive and memorable accessory for the person who has everything.”

                                    The price of this fidget spinner surely make someone faint and others head also spin with this spinner endlessly.The fidget spinner is coming in a Limited Edition and going spin the stores soon. Also, the Caviar’s company has also famous for its Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Iphone cases.

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A carbon fibre edition


News from Daily Mail

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