Google Home Allows Free Calling And More Awesome Features.

Google Home 

                                   The Internet giant company Google developing this device since March 2016. Google came to know about the Amazon Echo and competing it. Google Home device works on the voice recognition we use the same in android devices – Google Now. The device introduced to few countries only like America, Australia, France, Germany etc., While, people named this device as Google Speaker. A cylinder shaped device with LED lightings and speaker with Mic. Google Home is coming in various colors but, while is preferred in Advertising it. Since, the project started on May 2017 Google announced it has hands free calling feature in it. Wifi is the connecting medium for the device. 

Google Home Features

It supports free calling inside the home while you are busy to take a phone. It can recognize upto 6 voices.

Bluetooth music streaming, fix appointments on calender and also used as reminder.

It can play songs from Google play music and Spotify. 

Youtube, Netflix and Google photos can be accessed with Google Home.

And, also get news updates from CBC,Wallstreet Journal, CNBC, etc.,

Free voice calling only for USA and Canada.

It is visual responsive and touch screen on top of device.

Google Allo or Pixel Phone is used to operate.

It weighs 477 gram with 4 speakers and battery.

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