67 Year Old Granny Keeps 27 Contact Lenses On Eye For 35 Years Removed By Doctor.

27 Lenses Doctor

                  Using smartphones leads the most people in the world to wear glasses and contact lenses. But, the doctors only prescribe only one lens for one eye. Keeping lens above lens wont make vision better. She doesn’t do that thing to increase her vision power. The mystery of 27 lenses found at  Solihull hospital in the West Midlands. She went there for cataract surgery. These contact lenses are monthly disposable. But, she wore it in her eye for 35 years without an irritating feeling. Usually doctor prescribe to wear contact lenses for 8 hours. 

                  She had a fault at her right eye. One of the ophthalmologist at the hospital Rupal Morjaria said they have never seen a case like this before and it is miracle in medical. It was huge and thick set of lenses at her eye and bulky. First, we removed only 17 lenses at her eye sticked with each other. After examining again. Still there was 10 more lenses at the same eye. This made the whole team of doctors to shock at a moment. The question from doctors are how she kept that 27 lenses for 35 years and without irritation.


                   The Britain Medical reports says that she was wearing 27 contact lenses for 35 years on her eyes. And she doesn’t met any doctor related to the eye problem. Because, of her forget on her lens. She searched th house and buys a new set of contact lenses. This continued for years and resulted with 27 lenses. Amnesia is the real disease for her not the poor right eye vision. The routine process of forgetting and buying the new sets made the weird news for us. She did not even noticed while her face wash. Even while bathing she could not find the lenses on her eye. If she doesn’t came to Solihull hospital, the lenses might be continued.

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