10 Biggest Lies Said By Modern World About Dinosaurs Are Totally Game Changing.

Dinosaurs Real Facts

                                                   The dinosaurs are known biggest and oldest animals in the planet Earth Since the creation. Due to that too much old period of living in the world, we could not find more and actual characters of them. So, some of the artists and movie directors has shown the dinosaur as their imaginary. Their imaginary in that animals have been fixed in our mind. But, don’t worry we came up with some real facts about them.


The dinosaurs are green in color not in a dusty color like crocodiles and alligators. Because, of their same reptile family the artists used that dust color also in them. And their skin are scaly like found in other reptiles.

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The sound we heard in Jurassic park movie is just some audio manually created by imaginary. Because, the sound box Larynx has not found in them. Ironically Syrinx found in them which commonly present in birds said researchers. May be the voice of a dinosaur was puny. 


Velociraptors which shown as tall, smart and terror. But, they almost look like chicken. Yes, they had feathers and not tall as humans their height is as a dog.

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The Dinosaur also existed in the Artic Region. We have only taught and shown that they lived in a dry and always summer area like Equator.


The tails of dinosaurs wont touch the ground. Tails are mostly fleshy and muscular if the they wont lift the tail with it. It can’t stabilize on walking. Mainly, no fossils found with tails ground touched.


Not Extinct

Dinosaur is not Dead. After, the asteroid attack the birds survived from it. Those birds are pigeon, penguin, eagle, chicken and ostriches are more resemblance with dinosaur than lizard reptiles. Hence, dinosaur is living.

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Dinosaur is not the First reptile. They have evolved from some Amphibians from Carboniferous Period of 300 million years ago. 


No, Asteroid  hasn’t killed those reptiles. After the attack of asteroid they lived for 200,000 years.

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Dinosaur is not slow. Researchers said due to the fast metabolism act they might be active.


Finally, there is no dinosaur named Brontosaurus with long neck herbivorous. The confusion made in assembling the skulls, researchers made a mistake. Hence, the name of the dinosaur is Apatosaurus.

biggest lies on dinosaurs junkthoughts dot com

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