Major Lazer – Know No Better Official Music Video Launched In Youtube.

Major Lazer – Know No Better

                                                              Major Lazer is an American electronic music trio composed of record producer Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. They came with a new music video of a school love. The video goes on concentrating of a single boy without girlfriend. He often dreams of beautiful girlfriend for him. In sarcasm he  didn’t committed for long time. The guy has a good dancing talent within him practicing on every morning.Finally, one day after the school has over he sees a beautiful girl. Also he dreams about her in a way of flirting on him. Then, he starts dancing before her, the girl falls in love with him.

                                                             The beats of the song is overall comfortable for hearing and with nice lyrics. The video uploaded to youtube channel majorlazer.  Know No Better video reached 3.8 million views in 1 day and no 17 on trending.


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