Navdy Makes You To Use Smartphone While Driving A Car

Navdy – The Future

Navdy’s Head-Up Display (HUD) easily connects via your car’s OBD-II port (found in most vehicles made after 1996). This connection enables information about your car—such as fuel level, MPG, RPM, and speed—to be viewed right in your line of sight with the road remaining in focus. The price of Navdy is $499 and with the mount kit $600.

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Head Up Display

A Head-Up Display, also known as a HUD, is any transparent display that presents car data without requiring drivers to look away from the road. The name stems from a pilot being able to view cockpit information by keeping his or her head “up,” looking forward instead of down at the instruments. Indeed, HUDs were initially used in fighter planes.

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Navdy allows you to stay connected while never taking your eyes off the road. Texting while driving causes you to look down for an average of five seconds; when traveling at 55mph, that’s enough time to cover an entire football field blindfolded. With Navdy all the information is projected onto the display as a transparent image right in your line of sight, so you’ll never drive blind again.

 Navdy App

The Navdy app works with the unique display to ensure you never have to pick up your phone while driving. Remain focused on the road ahead, with music, directions, texts, emails, and notifications appearing right in your line of sight. Reply using Siri or Google Now.

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You can now buy navdy at their  Shopping Website

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