OJO Electric Scooter – Smart, Aerodynamic, Drive Upto 25 Miles In Single Charge

OJO Electric Scooter

This Scooter is developed for the sleek design and the low weight . It is built for the bike lane, the OJO offers a unique combination of style and performance for a fun, safe and clean transportation solution.Almost, every inch of the OJO Electric Scooter has been meticulous. Almost designed with long-lasting quality and stability to increase the lifespan of OJO scooter.

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The OJO scooter has powerful Hyper Gear hub motor propels this smart scooter to bike lane-legal top speeds of 20MPH. In addition, OJO has a built-in 48-volt lithium ion battery that allows it to go 25 miles on a full charge.

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OJO Features

Music is an important part of the riding experience we set out to create. It has a high end  dual integrated high fidelity waterproof Bluetooth speakers which give a melancholic ride in scooter. An innovative non-glare digital LCD dashboard with a heat sensitive touch screen. Furthermore, it allows the display to control the Scooter with  touch button while voice commands offer insights along the way. While, riding at night, the OJO has attractive and effective LED front and rear lights. It is brighter than any other scooters.

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First Look Video Of OJO

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