Top Reasons Why You Must Visit Zurich Is Really Amazing.

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                                  The largest city of Switzerland and the busiest air and rail traffic stations  of the country. The city has a history of 3500 years old back. The city also has many rewards of names like wealthiest city of Europe, Best quality of life, Top listed in tourist attraction. There is also a lake named Zurich in the same city. Hence, the dates back too old the churches, museum, and parks are more. The ancient architecture of the city makes astonishing. Also the culture of Swiss is mostly liked by the foreign people said like Opera and Ballet dances. Due to the headquarters like FIFA situated here, more sports fan come for sports events. The foods is somehow different with other countries of Europe. Now, the top reasons why you should travel to this Swiss city.


Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comThe Zurich Zoo is ranked as best and attractive zoo of other leading zoos of whole Europe. The zoo consists of numerous animals and birds.

Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comFIFA Museum

                     FIFA world football Museum in the city attracts all the football fans all over the the world.So, You can see more collections of things like football, jersey used in ground.


Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comParty Nights

The city has the highest number of pub, party, club and all needs of other night owl people. The party mostly performs the whole night. Hence, there is no ending of enjoyment.


Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comMuseum

                   The culture of the Swiss is fully flourished in the museums of National Museum, Kunsthaus Z├╝rich, Cabaret Voltaire or Zurich Opera House: the City on the Limmat will attract the tourists with unique way. They have the records of thousands of years back culture.


Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comHiking

The 870 meter high peak Uetliberg is nearer to the city. Since, start asking the visitors they all said as beautiful view. It can reach the top by train in 20 minutes. For the hiking lovers the time would simply take 1 1/2 hours to reach the peak.


Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comBahnhofstrasse 

The name of a street in the city which has the most expensive stores in the world. Hence, it is also known as the luxurious shopping mile.

Zurich travel junkthoughts dot comVenice

The city has more than thousand water fountains and the water is fresh and drinkable any time.While, visiting Lake Zurich with the pedal boats which will remind the Venice.


              While, some more facts and places are missed here. But, don’t feel bad it will be published in next post. Happy travel.

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