Road On Roof Top Of The 5 Storey Building In China With Traffic Signals.

Two-Lane Road Above Building

                                                                 The building is actually a residential building with 5 storey above the building. The top of the building has two lane road and car parking facilities. Due to, the over crowd in China and also to eliminate the space abundance. This building owners came up with anew idea of building a small city above the building. So, its impact the two lane road above the 5 storey building. In Hong Kong, the car parking above the building is common. But, here they made revolutionary changes in the building. The neew method of building publicized the building through the Internet. 

                                                                 The building is situated in the city of Chongqing a hilly area. Hence, the architects designed the building in unique way and built it. The road runs entire roof top area through out the complex. Even though, a residential building floor top of this building has two lane roads, trees, and shops. The building is some how innovative to the modern architects and many people visiting here. We people residing in the building also have fortune. They can see the Yangtzee river, one of the biggest rivers in the world from the balcony.

                                                                  Some say there will be more noise on the building. But, no the answer is they have a special equipment to reduce the noise by horning cars. According to the report of Daily mail.

road above roof china junk thoughts

As you can see the humongous tower near the residential building says the common urban situation in that city. People welcome this idea proudly.


road above roof china junk thoughts

Well, see the road get turned over the end of roof top of the building and circles the entire building. The trees planted above and aside the road make natural environment. Trees are planted in a big tubs.

road above roof china junk thoughts

These pictures are collected from a facebook post.

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