Floating Theater On Sea At Thailand Makes New Experience On Watching Movies.

Floating Theater

                                                   The theater is located at Nai Pi Lae lagoon on the island of Kudu Island. The visitors usually travel here for the clean water on sea which is blue in color. Because, of this beauty in that island the architect from china Ole Scheeren designed a new idea in his own. The theater was fully designed by the architect Ole Scheeren. While, he visited this beautiful place he came up with this design. Hence, it is an outdoor theater, it may be noise. The sea is peaceful and the waves are low, it is situated in long distance from the shore. 

theater Archipelago cinema junk thought dot com


theater Archipelago cinema junk thoughts dot com


                                                   The name for this theater is Archipelago cinema. The goods used for the construction of this cinema with recyclable objects. Hence, it can be used for other purposes on future. Other than the Archipelago, the place around the island is awesome and adorable. The beauty of the nature can be well flourished here. Cinema can only be functioned at nights. Because, of the sun light they cant run the theater. The visitors are taken through the small boats from the near by islands. The island of Kudu is popular for the famous shooting spots from Hollywood to Kollywood. 

theater Archipelago cinema junk thoughts dot com


                                                    Actually, the wooden boards are connected with each other with tied ropes and strings. The Archipelago cinema will be open for the festival time. The venue consists about 60 seats, on the wooden floor. While, at nights the cold wind from sea tides make our body to freeze. There are many outdoor theaters around the world. But, the Archipelago cinema is some how different from other theaters by loving the nature. The project of Archipelago cinema was concluded at the year of 2012, also most of the travelers to Thailand have the fortune to get tickets on Archipelago cinema. There will be only limited number of tickets issued.

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